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of Grass Valley, California

The Grange is a grass roots organization that began in 1867. Rising from the fields and farmlands, we gathered on common ground to support each other, work together, and honor traditional values.

We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in more than 2,100 hometowns across America. We have 150 years of history, a spirit of grassroots advocacy, and a fraternal spirit that we’re happy to share with you.

Today, the Grange has evolved into a community service organization with 10,000 members and 206 chapters across California. Grange halls are often the center of their community, providing culture, entertainment, and education, and a place for new and old friends to meet.

Everyone is welcome to apply for membership at the Grange. 

Each State Grange may have its own structure, leadership, and initiatives, while still adhering to the overarching principles and objectives of the National Grange. Each member contributes at their own pace. Each Grange decides how to best serve the community.

The Grange supports and advocates for healthy communities, family farms, local economies, cultural diversity, public schools, the arts, and a variety of worthy causes.

The Next Membership Meeting is:
Tuesday, January 9th @ 5:00pm

Your membership has benefits provided through the National Grange. As members of this Grange, you receive valuable benefits including Health Care, Pharmacy & Prescriptions, Travel Hotels & Car Rental discounts, Shopping & Insurance benefits.

Benefit information is on our web site. As a member, you can take advantage of these money savings opportunities right away! Just follow these instructions to get started CLICK HERE.

Banner Grange is located at 12629 McCourtney Road in Grass Valley, Nevada County.

Banner Grange accommodates Banquets, Birthdays, Holidays and Wedding Events; Business, Corporate, Company & Sales Meetings; Concerts & Recitals. We are a resource for Ballrooms Rentals, Auditoriums & Meeting Rooms, Convention Trade Show & Promotional Services and Banquet Halls. If you are interested in these opportunities, contact us at (530) 273-8747. to schedule an event.

We are looking for volunteers to help us in many aspects of Grange activities. If you are interested, reach out to us at (530) 273-8747.