Banner Community Grange
of Grass Valley, California

The Grange, originating in 1867, is a grassroots organization that emerged from the fertile fields and farmlands. Our purpose is to unite on common ground, supporting one another, collaborating, and upholding cherished traditional values.

As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, we span over 2,100 hometowns across America, boasting a rich 150-year history. Our spirit embodies grassroots advocacy, and we’re delighted to extend our fraternal camaraderie to you.

Today, the Grange has transformed into a community service organization boasting 10,000 members and 206 chapters across California.

Grange halls serve as vibrant hubs within their communities, offering culture, entertainment, education, and a welcoming space for both new and long-standing friends to gather.

The Banner Grange is a passionate advocate for healthy communities, family farms, local economies, cultural diversity, public schools, and the arts.

Our collective purpose is to exchange ideas, preserve the sovereign rights of small family farmers and ranchers, and promote sustainable, regenerative, and organic agriculture.

We achieve these goals through education, environmental stewardship, grassroots legislative advocacy, and by fostering food, fellowship, and fun.

Our commitment enriches and supports the overall well-being and health of our local community.

Meet our new board – elected April 9th 2024!

As a member of Banner Grange #627, you’ll enjoy valuable benefits provided by the National Grange. These money-saving opportunities are available right away upon joining:

  1. Health Care: Access discounts on health-related services.
  2. Pharmacy & Prescriptions: Save on medications.
  3. Travel: Enjoy special rates for hotels and car rentals.
  4. Shopping: Benefit from exclusive discounts while shopping.
  5. Insurance: Explore tailored insurance options.

To become a member of Banner Grange #627, attend the next membership meeting on Tuesday, June 11th at 6:00 pm.

You can find upcoming events on our website. Our Grange, located at 12629 McCourtney Road in Grass Valley, Nevada County, California, offers diverse event spaces for various occasions, including banquets, birthdays, weddings, and corporate meetings.

Rental rates range from $50 per hour for the Kitchen & Dining Room to $100 per hour for the whole building. Grange members receive discounted rates!

If you’re interested in Grange opportunities or want to schedule an event, please contact us at (530) 273-8747.

We also welcome volunteers to assist with Grange activities. Feel free to reach out via email or phone! 😊🌼