The California State Grange has been in the process of establishing a new 501(c)(3) non profit, tax exempt foundation. This foundation will be known as the California State Grange Foundation.
In 2017 a resolution was submitted by Wyanddotte Grange No. 490 to create a new Foundation. View Resolution
October 2017 the Wynddotte resolution was adopted.
In 2019 the delegates were present with the necessary Articles of Incorporation and ByLaws for the new Foundation. View Articles of Incorporation  View By-Laws
The first meeting of the foundation was held at the Annual Session of the State Grange where five members were elected to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, who will serve in addition to the Board of Directors of the State Grange.
Documents were submitted to the Secretary of State and were approved on March 2020.
Paperwork submitted to the IRS for our 501(c)(3) approval on May 2nd, 2020 and effective on 12/19/2019. Approval received on View IRS approval.