Your membership has benefits provided through the National Grange. As members of this Grange, you receive valuable benefits including Health Care, Pharmacy & Prescriptions, Travel Hotels & Car Rental discounts, Shopping & Insurance benefits. You must be a member to receive these benefits. Join Our Grange Today!

Download & Print the procedures to obtain your benefits HERE.

Go to the National Grange website. Click on the “Register” button in the top right corner of the homepage.

Enter the National Grange annual word “dynamic” (the annual word is what recognized you as a Grange member and gives you member access to see benefits, DO NOT MISS THIS STEP)

Enter your personal details ie. first and last name, email address, create a username and password to use for future login attempts.

When you come back in the future, just click on the “Log In” button, instead of the “Register” button and enter the username and password that you created.

When you successfully log in, click on the menu drop down “Members Benefits.”